Nahuel Carabaña, receives the Valors Gest Esportiu award from Diari SPORT

Last Thursday, December 15, 2022, the Andorran athlete Nahuel Carabaña received the Valors Gesto Deportivo award organized by the prestigious Diari SPORT. The prize was presented to him by Albert Tomé, vice chancellor for sports of the Community of Madrid and Juan Pedro Díaz, general commercial director of Premsa Ibérica.

Nahuel Carabaña showed his gratitude for receiving the Premio Valores Gesto Deportivo at the fifth SPORT Sports Values Gala, before stating that helping a teammate at the European Championships in Munich was without thinking, it didnt be a meditated thing. I was in the race and I see the guy fall and get hit, and really my head was in the race at the time, but my body automatically decided to turn around, see what happened and go help low, he confessed.

The Andorran athlete from players did not regret a gesture that prevented him from winning the race: It was strange, he was going first and I was behind and I kept running, but then I turned around and helped him. I didnt regret it, the truth is, its a sporting gesture and I didnt feel bad. My goal was to win and go to the final, but if I could help him, it turned out that way.

For Carabaña, the best values in athletics are “constancy and respect for other teammates, even if it can be competition, because they are rivals, but friends” and his goal is to be at the 2024 Paris Games: “It is my ultimate dream I tried in Tokyo, but I hope I can manage to be there”.

From Venko Sports, sports marketing and talent representation agency, based in Andorra. During the event, he was accompanied by the founders of the agency at this wonderful Gala. In this case, Raimon Costas, Founder and Sports Manager of Nahuel said: “We are very proud of him, for his work, his commitment and his magnificent values as a sportsman. We will work so that he can fulfill his dream, which is to go to the Olympic Games in Paris 2024”.